Lets see if I can remember the last few days…

give upI’d been putting in Long hours a few days before I had to meet with my case manager for my Second Career application (which is now my Skills Development application, but it means the same thing for me in the end; the same amount of free money).

I was having a very hard time finding job ads that I’d qualify for right after graduating that Also list the company’s name And salary. I was to get 8-10 of these… OK it keeps getting better and better. The kind of crap that’s been happening all week just keeps happening… I had just poured myself a glass of iced tea. There was some condensation on the outside of the glass and somehow the Entire glass spilled as it slipped out of my hand. There was a pile of books under the table beside the chair that got the iced tea that didn’t spill onto the couch. These books had managed to stay dry from the water leak (I’ll get to that later) I guess they just weren’t Meant to stay dry 0_o

Okay about the paperwork I had to gather for my application; I couldn’t log into one site to get a form I was supposed to download (turns out I kept trying the wrong passwords). Another site wouldn’t open properly for me. I stopped using Mozilla Firefox a few weeks ago because it had major bug issues (almost no site would open using it) and apparently Safari has issues too. My printer keeps getting lower and lower on ink but it’s kept plugging along long enough for me to print what I needed to for my meeting.

Dang I was thirsty for iced tea and the little sip I got before I watered my library books, couch and carpet didn’t quite quench that thirst. I’m afraid to get another glass… kinda like tempting fate.  OK I did it… I got me another glass. Come and get me fate, you muthafucka!!!! OK so my printer is ‘running on fumes’, I’m having issues with my previous non-issue-causing search engine, and the hot water heater had started to leak. I only found this out after the carpet kept getting my socks wet. Yes once wasn’t enough, I thought the water was from the tiled floor, not the carpet. Unfortunately All the carpetting along the wall had gotten wet and I had my library books on that side of the room :(  Most of them managed to stay dry but some were a few lbs heavier with water. They’re still not dry, 3 days later. When the landlord unlocked the door to the furnace room the heater was only leaking drips, steady but just drips. This is in the evening time. By the middle of the night it was a steady stream and my pot filled up every 1/2 hour so I had to stay awake to empty the pot every 1/2 hr. I was Hoping help was coming the next day so I just stayed awake, hoping it would be repaired and then I could sleep as long as I wanted. I got about 1 1/2 hrs sleep but not all at once. I was so tired that actually refreshed me and I stayed up all night working on my job ad searches.

One more thing I was supposed to have for my application was a current job search; to show you’ve been looking for work to continue qualification for EI. I had left this ’til the last minute because I thought I would just use my old resume (since I didn’t have any time to work on a new one). I usually have paper copies and electronic copies on my computer and a disk (USB flash drive these days). I didn’t have a single copy ANYWHERE. Yes the gods continued to smile on me. So I Finally got my resume done at 5am. My meeting was for 9. I’m not the speediest at cover letters so I spent 45 minutes on one, when I finally found a job I’d currently qualify for. That was all the time I had to spare. My case manager says my resume was… well, she called it horrible in a very diplomatic way ;-) The next day I was supposed to attend a workshop to get assisstance with my resume but I ended up not going to bed until 2am and I would have had to be up for 6. When my alarm went off I ignored it and got the sleep I needed, which was 12 hours. Man that felt good! :D