Merry Gift-mas and all that white people jazz!

This is the extent to the Christmas decorations in my room.  Christmas kinda sucks this year (I was pregnant this time last year so the baby was with me) so I’m just waiting for the season to pass me by. Valentine’s Day will suck ass too, and then my son’s birthday is the month after that, but after Those events things should be smooth(er) sailing… I hope…

Today I was part of the audience for The Hour. They give away prizes to the audience and I scored this cool water bottle :D

Someone offered to take the picture for me but I thought it would look cool if George took the picture; you can tell when someone is holding the camera. My idea didn’t quite turn out how I envisioned. And my phone gives everything an aura now :(   And of course I blinked when he took the shot…But I had a GREAT time, and everyone who works on that show seems very nice. They look like they have SO much fun making the show! Today’s guests were Matthew Good and Leila Chirayath Janah. She created a company/charity called Samasource that helps train people in third world countries to do technology jobs, and supports outsourcing to this means. It won’t let me link the website so it’s

There was this guy named Brian who’s job was to ‘entertain’ the audience between shooting and either he seemed funny because he tells the same jokes every time or he actually is funny. The few times he had to improvise he seemed pretty good at it.


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