Done school!!!!!

Almost 8D.  I just need a calculus course. Easy peasy, haha! Oh, it’s mechanical     engineering technician – design, in case you were wondering. And I’m probably not going to make use of any of it.. :-O  Well maybe the math since they say “math may save your    life one day”.

I have some very interesting stories about my living situation for the last few months but I’d better not say anything until I’m safely living on my own. Right now I’m one of those people who rent living room space. I know one day I’ll look back on these days and laugh. And laugh. And laugh… Until then I get to make the joke “I have nothing to worry about because it can’t get any worse.” And it’s true! I’m SO looking forward to the days when I don’t have to go into the bathroom and when I see a curly hair wonder if it’s pubic hair or just curly body hair. Or wonder why it’s on the edge of the sink. Repeatedly. If he peed in the toilet then what is he doing with it in the sink???!!! SO looking forward to not having to ask myself these questions in the course of a day.

I lived in a house with 4 other bedrooms and, it turned out, 5 bachelor apartments too. One guy had a serious pubic hair problem, I found his hair Everywhere including the kitchen and my bedroom. Ewwwwwwwww. Majorly ewwwww. Daily life should not include seeing your roommie’s pubic hair.

I have YET to have a neat roommate. One came close, a guy at that, but most are anti-neat. I guess cleaning to them is like sunlight to vampires, they fear it will make them burst into flame. Sigh.

Well Cinderella had better get back to her chores.

Oh and the picture? After 16 months of school, with 3 weeks being the longest break, is a bit how I feel haha.


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