I’m not sure if you can see but this awesome tree has HUGE ornaments hanging from it. And there’s even a star on top. Lights strung up too, I’d only noticed a few times after passing it. This is near my last place of residence, in Scarborough. Seeing this tree always cheered me up :)

That house is haunted by the way. Kinda freaky. I guess once they realize you can see the things they do they get ‘bolder’ and do their thing more often. The freakiest part for me was when in the basement doing laundry the electric fireplace came on on its own. Then turned off again, on its own.  And basements are notoriously creepy anyway so that’s kind of unfair of the ghost. At least I never Saw anything, though coming down to find the cat at attention, looking up at something (that wasn’t me) was creepy. Maybe that’s why the basement was always so cold, because ghostio’s like it chilly. Hmmm.


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