The wrong side of the tracks

I currently live in an area of Toronto called Jamestown. It’s a very small area by Sherbourne Station with a large population. There must be 10-15 apartment buildings in this area, my building alone has like 260 apartments. Jamestown is the poorest part of town and it starts immediately south of Bloor St. (I can see Bloor from my ‘bedroom window’ – I’m renting the living room.) I decided to go for a walk today and walk north of Bloor St. and see where the path leading from the subway goes. This is the bridge that I encountered as soon as I’d passed under Bloor St.

It’s a magical bridge that leads to a magical land called Rosedale. Rosedale is the richest area of Toronto. Most of the vehicles were BMW’s, Range Rover’s, Lexus’s (or Lexi as I like to call them, heehee), and Mercedez Benz’s. The houses were immense with immaculate grounds keeping. I was in love!! It was like finding out you Were adopted after all and that’s why you didn’t fit in with your family, because you were never actually one of them.

I want to live on the Other side of the tracks (bridge)! :D :D :D

Let the magic begin!


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