Keeping the Faith

   Religion gets talked about a lot and faith seems to get lumped under that umbrella, as if ‘faith’ means belonging to a religion. I hear, and believe, that faith is very important for each of us, to be healthy, successful individuals. It is a deep-seated belief that helps us and pushes us along when life gets tough. And we all know that life will Always get tough at times, just as it will always get better.

My personal faith is in a Greater Power, not a Greater Being. That’s just me and I’m entitled to that belief, just as I respect the beliefs of others. We all have reasons for choosing to believe in what we do. (Hopefully we all will question our beliefs at some point, just to make sure they still make sense as we change and grow.)

(I got this beautiful picture from Viktor Egelund’s facebook page Taken by Christian Houge. His page is a great inspiration. Worth a visit!)


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