“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” It’s a cliche but it’s Very true. Just like ‘tomorrow’, if you think happiness is something you’ll finally have when you _________ then it will never come. Happiness is enjoying the here and now. It’s a lifestyle, a new way of seeing the world. I’ve worked on changing my view for about a year now and the difference is Amazing! Life is so much better when you can see the beauty in everything.

The glass is half Empty if that’s how you want to see it but it’s also half Full if that’s how you want to see it. It’s all about perception. It’s like imagining seeing everything through new eyes; what would you see differently? What would you see that you never even noticed before?

Happiness is also a product of taking full responsibility for your life. How great do you want things to be? How far do you want to go in life? Once you take ownership you also start to tear down boundaries because…. they never existed in the first place! Limits and boundaries are taught to us by others and we learn to adopt them. Look at things through fresh eyes; if it was your good friend listing all the reasons he/she couldn’t do something wouldn’t you list the reasons why they Could do that same thing? If you can believe in others then you can believe in yourself. The sky is truly the limit!


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