Costa Rica here I come! One day… :D

I’m glad my last post made sense because I was Really tired when I wrote it :) I’m so happy I’m no longer the person I used to be! Random people, just minutes into meeting me, are saying things like I remind them of Anne of Green Gables or some character in a movie who was always sunny and bright, always looking on the bright side. That comes through almost right away now. I’m amazed to hear that :D An old friend from school referred to my bubbly personality… I Never used to have a bubbly Anything. Wow.

No matter what’s going on, if things seem to suddenly be building up against me, I’m overwhelmed only for a short period of time, if at all. Then I realize that I’m ok, that I’ll remain ok, and get on with my day. I take long walks and completely remove myself from my worries. I now always look around me and appreciate the beauty I see. I also see more beauty than I did before . Beauty is truly through the eye of the beholder.

I’ve been exploring my spirituality (part of exploring ourselves is exploring what we Believe in, and why) and that has also opened up… life for me. I no longer feel like a victim about the hardships in life. I feel like they’re an initiation, a right, to go to someplace better when this is all done. We’re like children who aren’t allowed to leave school until we’ve learned, and mastered, all of the subjects. The school day just happens to last a lifetime.

In my new mindset I realize how great famous quotes are such as “Things aren’t done To us, they’re done For us.” So so true. I’m also amazed at how long ago some very insightful philosophies were realized. In this day and age, with so much knowledge at our fingertips, we’re ridiculously unaware, unschooled, lazy, goal lacking…. just leaves floating on the wind. Many people have no direction in life, nor will they give themselves one before their time is up. They treat life like a  chore, an unfair, unpleasant chore.

We are capable of SO MUCH! Look at people who’ve achieved greatness! What’s the difference between them and us? They actually got off their butt, turned off the TV and went out into the world and tackled their goals. With a mindset of come hell or high water they were going to achieve those goals, and they did. That is how mediocre becomes greatness, by people not settling, not accepting their lot in life. By knowing they deserve more, are capable of more. By pushing themselves.

No one will push you into greatness, you must push yourself. The road to greatness isn’t easy either. Sorry. Just as an easy life doesn’t lead to greatness a great life doesn’t come easy. Nothing worth having comes easy, that’s what makes us appreciate things. No matter what people tell us, what they say, we have to truly believe in ourselves. No one will believe in us, in our vision, as much as we believe in ourselves. We must KNOW that our vision will be realized one day, accept it as fact, see it in our minds. Successful athletes use visualization, not some of them and not some of the time; all of them and all of the time. Whenever you think you can’t do something, look at someone who has done it; there’s proof right there that YOU can. If someone else can then you can.

The picture I’ve attached was taken by Jada Pinkett-Smith. It was taken in Costa Rica. I keep a copy on my computer as a reminder that I will go to Costa Rica one day, to see that lovely site. When? It’s completely up to me. I have all the skills and abilities I need to come up with the funds to go Anywhere in the world I’d like. There is no one stopping me but me.


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