I Wonder…

Taken in a Montreal park

I wonder what makes some adults complacent, who stop learning as soon as school stops making them.

I wonder what makes some young people so aware, so ambitious, so hungry that they cause changes that help change the world.

I wonder why some adults don’t behave as we make children behave; share,  look both ways before crossing the street, walk in single file, wash your hands after using the washroom. When they they decide to revert back to pre-Kindergarten manners? And why do we allow that?

I wonder what makes people carry on a hatred that they were taught as a child and Never in their entire life question the logic of it.

I wonder what makes people try something and subsequently become addicted to it when they saw a loved one suffer at the hands of that exact same addiction. How are we not learning from that history that unfolded before our very eyes?
I wonder why people resist positive change, from helping themselves, when they see the positive outcome in others. Where does this thinking “but that would never work for me” come from? Why do we doubt our eyes, our minds, our hearts, our heads, our ears? Why do we rule out Every sense and insist the quacking duck that we hear, see, smell and touch is an elephant?

I wonder when that magical moment happens when someone stops and realizes that duck isn’t an elephant After all!  I wonder what happens to make people finally reach out for help, with addictions, with issues, with anything, to realize their true self worth.

I wonder when people realize the power of love. The awe-inspiring, unconditional, amazing strength of it.

I wonder when people realize the power of forgiveness.  Madiba spent 27 years on Robben Island and he was able to forgive. The world, and history, has been full of people who forgave. To not forgive causes serious harm, to us and to everyone we touch. As soon as we learn to forgive that harm is undone.


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