I’m now choosing this topic because I recently received a phone call from a collection agent. It was one of those odd calls where the agent behaves as if you personally owe Them the money. Then they get very upset about how not paying on time (as if I’m hiding money) will affect my credit rating, when I let them know I’m not too worried about my credit rating (will explain later). I take responsibility for all of my debts and I have never declared bankruptcy because my debt hasn’t seemed worth the outcome of declaring bankruptcy. I have paid More than my fair share of interest so the principal has actually been paid off years ago, but the banking system wouldn’t make any money if they didn’t charge exorbitant interest.

I found the 2nd Zeitgeist movie to be quite enlightening. We’re aware that money gets printed but much more gets printed than what is needed to just replace damaged bills. Every time you do that you reduce the value of the original. If there’s only one of something in the world then it has great value. As soon as you start reproducing that item then it drops in value. That is how new technologies come down in value; economy of scale. Anyway back to the topic at hand. Every time they print money that money decreases in value. Then they add interest on top of that, which ALSO gets compounded monthly so paying interest on interest. So we have to pay back money that’s continually worth less than it was worth at the time we received it, AND we have to pay interest on this decreasing money. And interest rates always seem to rise. Paying interest on my interest is a burning point for me. And Capital One will ALSO, on top of all of this, charge you $20 Every Single Month that you’re over your limit. So you’re paying interest on your interest AND $20 – and it doesn’t matter What put you over your limit; for me it was usually the interest. This is Beyond any farce Shakespeare could have come up with. As far as I’m concerned it should be illegal. The system is truly set up for us to become permanently in debt for the rest of our lives. It’s a travesty. When, just before his death, John F. Kennedy said there was a conspiracy to enslave every man, woman and child I believe he was referring to the monetary system. Nothing else is as far reaching and all encompassing as money and debt.

This is a never ending trap. I don’t worry about my credit rating because I want OUT of the credit BS system. If I buy a house I have every expectation that I’ll have access to at least half the funds I’ll need. This is the positive way we have to think to make the Law of Attraction work for us. I will be OUT of debt shortly and will no longer play with the banks in their nasty games. Even with the insanely large amount of money they make they can’t even manage their OWN affairs, the US keeps offering bank bailouts. And if the banks get creative in acquiring business, like money laundering (, there is no real penalty for that. So I just want to wash my hands of that nastiness and go on living my wonderful life and not continue to add to the coffers of the spoiled brat known as The Bank. I won’t even talk about how, overnight, banks lend their money to banks on the other side of the world, and charge interest or a fee for this of course. So while we’re sleeping and our banks are closed, they still have our money working for them. Not that we get any remuneration for that use of our money, nor is our permission asked. Oops, did talk about it. Sorry.

In one post I wrote about my view that big changes are coming in all major sectors: health, education, banking and government. It was one of my off-on-a-tangent’s so I deleted those lines but it just seems logical that since evolution takes out any species that can’t adapt, why not the same with business? With the government intervening to keep banks operational this is evidence that banks, as they stand now, do not work. So change Must happen. Government stopped caring about the majority of the people it represents decades ago. With a growing population that is unsustainable. With 9 years of post-secondary education behind me I see how universities and colleges have become very much a business and no longer serve the purpose they once did. Higher education won’t even necessarily get you a job these days ( Money has been at the root, or become the root, of these institutions and things can’t keep going on that way. More and more money simply cannot keep going into fewer and fewer pockets. In some countries the citizens are actually taking to the streets to end this type of behaviour. In the US the main cause of debt is health care costs. This is very, very wrong.

Yes, I sound angry. No, this wasn’t a positive blog, but if anyone reading this hadn’t thought of money and credit that way before then it was worth it to get people thinking. Consumer debt is mostly a very bad thing. Seriously reconsider your use of it and try to think in terms of ‘If I can’t afford it, I don’t need it.’ Mortgage and business loans are the few times we should be considering using credit; for the gain of future profits or assets.
Over the years my education hobby has kept me pretty poor. I’ve also been very responsible with my bills. This has hurt me in taking away from my quality of life, I’ve never been on a vacation. I’ve missed out on many things because I paid my bills first Then tried to make do with what’s left over, and there’s never been much left over. I can promise that the individuals who call me at my lowest points, demanding money that just isn’t there, haven’t lived like that otherwise they would have empathy (Some of them do. Some.). So I’m telling you to Enjoy Life while you’re being responsible. You have to look after you TOO, not just the wealthy CEO who doesn’t even notice your payment; a payment that meant you ate Mac&Cheese for a  month.
Don’t think or worry about debt, that will only bring more. Do what you realistically can to get out of it but still keep your life happy, lively and enjoyable. As long as you don’t owe a loan shark or the mafia they will Not come to your home and break any bones (I even joke with debt collectors about this). Even jail may never happen so Pay Yourself First! And the happier you are/become the better life will be to you. You will attract money and positive situations to you; business opportunities, better job, a raise, etc. And the nice thing about collection calls is that you can Screen Them :) (Thank you caller ID!)


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