To React Or Not To React


One of the hardest things to control in ourselves is our emotions, our reactions.
You see, reacting is a choice. We’re not taught that, but it is. When we react to something we just add to the problem or issue.

I had something happen today that normally I would get angry about. But I… guess I felt the anger come on and just stopped it in its tracks. I felt No emotions about the situation. None whatsoever. This helped me realize that I have No idea why the other person did what they did so how can I get upset about it? And even if I did know reacting wouldn’t help.

Staying cool and calm lets you remain level-headed. You are then able to logically look at the situation and see what is the next best course of action. I know that sounds very robot-like but it is truly the best way to keep on top of things happening around and to you. It puts you in Complete control. The person who is run by their emotions has no control over their life.

We need to stop giving control of our lives to other people. With practice we can all control our reactions.


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