Seeing is Believing… But It Shouldn’t Be


I was on the subway one day, reading one of my ‘new age’ books and after a bit this young guy left his seat and sat beside me. He mentioned he’d started reading ‘Flow’ and asked what my book was about, assuming it was of a similar topic. I was in fact reading an Esther Hicks book and when I started explaining it to him he quickly excused himself and moved away from me as if I were discussing Witchcraft.

I feel humans have a very skewed view on many things; why This is believable but why That isn’t. An individual’s life view seems to be highly motivated by their upbringing or culture. To truly Think for ourselves may require something to happen (near death experience, life threatening event, loss) or we just reach the point where we finally start asking ‘Why?’ and realizing there must be more to life than what we SEE, than what we’re TAUGHT.

I don’t argue with people or try to change their minds – change of view/perception needs to be a personal decision for it to stick – but I might just give some food for thought. My mind was closed for a Very long time (’til my mid-30’s) but the things that were said to me before this Did stay in the recesses of my mind, to be drawn upon later when I Did have an open mind.

People will believe in ultraviolet rays and electricity (which their eyes can’t see) but won’t believe in anything spiritual, or have selective beliefs. Spiritual/religious beliefs for many aren’t even their own choice, but rather a belief that was handed down to them.  Science proves that UV rays and electricity exist. Well science ALSO proves that the body loses weight the instant we die, which many equate to the soul leaving the body. Quantum Physics states that there are about 10 dimensions. It’s commonly accepted knowledge that we only use 10-20% of our brain. Then what the heck can that other 80-90% do?! Why believe Some of what science says/proves but not the rest? That’s not logical, that’s belief.


The double slit experiment proved that matter behaves differently When It Is Being Observed than when not (as well as a host of other experiments, but this particular one really shocked scientists). Quantum physics has proven that particles pop into and out of existence. Yes, existence. Literally.

Whichever the case, the world we Actually live in is FAR more vast, different, and just more freaking awesome than we realize. Science has already proven that what we see is NOT always what we should believe. And science is Always changing! Brave new world, here we come!!



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