Watch this inspiring video again and again. This is the actual accident and recovery of BMX’er Kurt Yaeger in 2006. I find it amazing that so much footage was shot by his friends that Kurt’s entire recovery can be chronicled.

I really like that we see the hard moments, not just the shining moments. This is very real. When we start moving forward we don’t keep moving forward, we do falter and fall back sometimes. But then we move forward again. That is life. Whether we are dealing with something hard or easy, that is still how we do it.

Another great point this video makes is that we need the support of the people around us to get ahead. We can’t do it on our own. “No man is an island.” My grandfather taught me pride, but pride to the extent where I don’t or won’t ask for help when I need it. Don’t be proud. We need to be here for each other. We each have amazing stores of strength and power but it’s those around us who help us bring it out.

Bethany Hamilton’s story Soul Surfer is another great example of someone nearing the top of their sport when tragedy struck. Bethany’s family, community and faith, combined with her own determination,  helped her come back stronger than ever.

Nick-Vujicic surfing with Bethany Hamilton

This is Bethany Hamilton with Nick Vujicic, another heroic person….though, actually, we’re ALL heroic! At various points in our lives people have looked up to us, whether we know it or not. This will basically continue for the rest of our lives :)

We ALL have determination but it needs fuel. When you find something that works – read/listen/watch it again and again! And again! Just as bathing doesn’t last so it’s required daily, so is motivation.

Don’t stop adding fuel to your fire!




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