To Be Thin…


This image is from the transit ad for a book. We all strive to be ‘thin’. We do this because we’re told it’s fashionable and attractive. 150 years ago being thin meant you were poor, it wasn’t fashionable or attractive. To be heavier meant you could actually afford to eat.

A person is So much more than their body. But thanks to marketing, and society’s belief of what the marketing gods deem to be fashionable and attractive, we value and judge ourselves by our body, by our looks. This doesn’t just affect women, it affects men too. Young men and boys also suffer from body issues.

We need to start a new trend. Instead of striving to be ‘thin’ we need to strive to be happy. Happiness isn’t determined by your clothes, your job, what you drive or even If you drive, or where you live – whether you own your own home or just rent a room, or money. Money WILL NOT BUY YOU HAPPINESS. It won’t. Happiness is a frame of mind. Happiness is completely independent of anything material.


Here’s the cool thing about changing your perspective from ‘I’ll be happy when I lose x pounds’ to ‘I’m happy, and hey, I’m losing weight! Cool!’ EVERYTHING becomes icing on the cake :-D I used to jog a couple of years ago and the interesting thing I noticed was that it quickly stopped feeling like exercise and started to become an outlet – to get rid of stress and have alone time. That release I got every night was reward enough, getting in better shape was just icing on the cake.


When you are happy you just Glow! You are great to be around! People will want to hire you, to become your friend, to date you and marry you. Happiness will get you further than any ‘game’ or 6-step plan ever will. Happiness is genuine. If you strive to be thin instead of happy all it’s going to get you is….hungry ;-)





6 thoughts on “To Be Thin…

    • I’m hoping that the more articles of mine that people read they’ll notice common elements no matter What subject matter I’m writing about. Only a few main ideas should govern our lives, both personal and professional. Some very well known experts in various areas have written books that are surprisingly small (200 pages or less). Discussing the main points of any topic doesn’t take much time, or many pages.
      Confidence is one key element that would improve Many areas of our life. It touches on absolutely everything! It’s the Teaching of confidence that takes more time, or more pages. The how-to, the minute details. But whether you want to improve your dating life, your career or even your friendships/family situation confidence is an integral part of the solution.

      My articles are quite related, even if they don’t seem that way. I’m just breaking things down by subject matter. Hopefully you (my lovely readers) will start to see the dots I connect, an how, and learn to connect the dots in your own life. Knowledge is power :-D


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