Your Level of Vibration (“My level of what?”)

If you’ve read any spiritual books or articles you’ve likely come across this term.

We all vibrate at different levels, levels that change as our mood changes. Now you may have no idea what that means. Let me explain, as I understand it.

When you’re happy you’re like a spinning top.

When you’re less than happy it’s like when the top spins more slowly, still upright but wobbly. Your ‘vibration’ (or spin) is at a lower level. When you’re angry, negative, or really sad your vibration is at its lowest level, the top is about to fall over from lack of spin.

‘In vibrational alignment’ is another term. When someone is Very happy, uber cheerful, does that sometimes get to you? Too chipper for you? That’s because you’re not in vibrational alignment with that person. You’re both like this:


When we don’t really believe, deep down, that we deserve something then we are not in vibrational alignment with that thing, like pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together. This can result in a relationship not working out, someone not calling you back after a first date, or not getting a job. We can actually push things away by trying too hard or coming across as desperate. Money? If somewhere in your mind you don’t feel completely comfortable, completely at ease, with the idea of having a decent amount of money…. then you won’t. These are called self-limiting beliefs.

If there are any mental barriers to something you want, then you won’t get it. Want a relationship, but believe in negative stereotypes because you’ve been hurt? Then you will repel all the good candidates. The match won’t work, can’t work; you’re vibrating at a lower level than the person you want. In this state there’s no point in The Universe matching you two up because you’ll just sabotage it anyway.

puzzle_istockBeing single is the time to work on yourself, to learn to Love yourself, to be Happy with yourself. This will raise your vibration (increase your rate of spin, so to speak) and allow you to be a match to the puzzle pieces that represent all the things that you want in your life. Or being unemployed. This is the time to figure out what you Really want to do with your life. What job, what career, would make you happy and not just pay the bills? Bills will never go away, why give up your joy for them? Working at a job that makes you happy, or working for yourself if that’s what you want, will raise your vibration. It will help you to be a better match to all the great things you want in your life.

Happy people attract certain people, things and events into their lives because they’re a Match to those certain people, things and events. When someone is in a foul mood you don’t want to be anywhere near them, right? Their low level of vibration is much lower than yours and this repels you, physically bothers you. So you look for more pleasant people to be around (people with higher levels of vibration), who make you feel good to be in their presence.

You want your current vibration of needs and wants  vibration-string-6228

to streamline more like this  vibration-string-6259.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post our levels of vibration are constantly changing. Don’t worry too much about the swing between high and low, that’s just life. But try to vibrate at a higher level (being happier) more often than you vibrate at a lower level (sad, cranky, angry).

And watch the change this brings to your life!


Don’t Watch TV!


I stopped watching TV when I started taking engineering at school and I wish I’d done so years sooner. There IS some decent programming on television but most of it isn’t.
At least one study has proven that the saying “vegging in front of the boob tube” isn’t just a saying. The typical fanfare brings our brain waves down to a near comatose level.

The most positive effect of not watching TV, and ESPECIALLY the news, is that my empathy and sensitivity levels are much higher now. The violence, negativity and bad news that is commonplace in television desensitizes people. Being desensitized is NOT a good thing!

A fear of not watching the news is ‘I’ll become ignorant.” Hell no you won’t! Unless you grew up under a rock, perhaps with Spongebob’s friend Patrick, and still reside there, there is not one single event, action or attrocity that you haven’t already heard of. History does indeed repeat itself and the human race seems to be a glutton for punishment. We do the same things over and over and over again. If something is big enough I hear about it anyway.

Does knowing of negative, sad events help me At All? No, they just made me feel sad or angry. Does feeling sad or angry help me become a better person? No, it does not. Does it help me treat others better? No, it does not. Does it help me make the world a better place? Only if the event in question is related to a field I’m working in.

The great leades in the motivation field say Exactly the same thing, keep negativity away! And that, my friends, includes the news. None of those happy, successful people sit down to the 11 o’clock news at night.