It’s Not a Dream

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We all have dream jobs, dream homes, dream partners, dream…….

Using the word ‘dream’ makes it sound unattainable right from the start. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and use the word GOAL instead.
Let’s keep the dreaming for sleep time. During the day we’re attaining Goals!! :-)

All of my research to date has shown me one thing; that the biggest hurdles, the biggest obstacles to reaching our goals – every single one of them – is our thinking! That tiniest bit of self-doubt or hesitancy is what’s doing us in. You must Believe!!
Look at what belief can do; entire civilizations live around religious beliefs, no matter how uncomfortable the living conditions those beliefs bring. They fast for an entire month (during the day), they wear black clothing that covers their entire bodies although they live in VERY hot climates. They wait until marriage to have sex, and even decide to not marry who they love but who their family chooses for them. Billions of people do these things even though the only proof backing up their belief is a single book.


Belief is All It Takes to do WHATEVER you want to do. To have WHATEVER you want to have. If you truly believe you can have, do or be something then NOTHING can stop you. Notice the ‘truly’. Your belief must be absolute. 100%.

But don’t forget…


You still have to put work into it! Nothing is free in this universe. (Maybe another one but not this one, sorry!) But even just getting by takes energy. Going to a job you hate or working with people you don’t like, 5 days a week, that takes energy! Why not put some of that energy towards fulfilling your goals? (AKA Making Your Dreams Come True)

Guess what? People are making their dreams come true Every Single Day! That’s right, every single freaking day :-D What’s the difference between you and them? Nothing! Except some energy expenditure in the right direction. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, you can take it slow  as long as you’re continually working towards your goals/dreams. If it’s education you want you can attend night school or go the online route. Don’t have the $ one semester? That’s fine, skip it, as long as you do What you can When you can. Want to run your own business? You can do as many do, do it part time while still at your day job. Many use funds from their current job to help start their own business. Remaining at your job also gives you security while you’re waiting for your own business to start picking up. Find people who are already doing what you want to do and get advice from them. If you get along they may even become your mentor. Most people will be more than happy to answer your questions and to share their insight.


Success isn’t going to come to you, you have to go to it! (If you’re not a success already then there’s your proof!) It’s like the girl across the room at the school dance just Waiting for you to go over and ask her to dance. You could either assume incorrectly she wouldn’t want to dance with you or you can go over there and ask her! Success wants you to ask it to dance :-D

P.S. NEVER assume. That’s my mantra and it has always worked for me. The few times I have assumed I’ve been wrong. It’s like not trusting your intuition/gut feeling. You realize afterwards (every time) that you should have listened to it.



I’d like to write not about the North American view of success, usually rooted in money, but rather in what I perceive to be True success – within ourselves.

Even though my blogs will All be motivation-based their immediate relationship to the topic of motivation may seem a little blurred but I feel that as 3-dimensional people our lives aren’t black and white and Many things touch us. Being positive and motivated, and helping others find this in themselves, isn’t independent of life – it IS life. In my last blog about bullying I showed how I feel motivation and positivity will solve the problem. The headlining of the gun control issue after that horrible massacre of young children at Christmas baffled, saddened and frustrated me. The problem is Not gun availability but rather what happened to make that troubled soul do such a horrendous thing in the first place. A country of so many people and many of the rulers and law-makers don’t seem to care about any of them. Prevention works better than cure! We need to invest in People, not corporations! Prohibition of Anything fails – alcohol, drugs, guns.  “Taboo” is a very good movie that Morgan Freeman narrated, with very valid points on this subject.
Ozzy Osbourne said “If people don’t kill, if guns kill, then why do we send people to war? Why don’t we just send the guns?” Well said Ozzy, well said!!

One of the best tools for development and growth is to Not care what others think. It’s a hard habit to break but well worth it! My ‘nomadic’ upbringing has really helped in this regard; I didn’t really Have anyone to try to impress – not family and not anyone at school since I was always the new kid. When you’re not distracted by this you make decisions that are best for You. You don’t spend money you don’t have trying to impress. You don’t judge yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Part of my personal success has been this very long, convoluted journey of entry level jobs and a mish-mash of post-secondary education-dabbling, trying to find my happiness in others’ viewpoint of how to live or what I should be doing. I have Finally seen the light as to the latter part; my life is for Me! Only I will be living it so I may as well make sure I enjoy it.

Last semester I made some decisions that have given me leaps and bounds towards my personal success. My game plan had been to complete the 2nd year of my Automation and Robotics diploma and the 3rd year of my Mechanical Engineering Design diploma by this summer. To do this I was enrolled in 8 engineering-heavy courses. This course load Would have been doable but at the beginning of the semester I was still working 30 hours every weekend and I also decided to volunteer for a couple of ongoing things and for any school function. I also started a school club and created a Facebook page under the club name but it had a very different mandate than the club – it took a Lot of time. It’s all a blur – like the movie Rushmore. I Do remember being constantly sleep deprived and falling asleep at my desk every single night.

Not surprising it all blew up in my face. I never had time to study or do homework, I actually forgot about tests and I didn’t study for my exams (I was putting all of my time into the club and the Facebook page). And you know what? I wouldn’t change last semester for the world!! I learned SO much about myself! I enjoy putting on events. I love volunteering. I love working with children. I love that I fought my shyness and many people now see me as “so outgoing”, “friendly” and “bubbly”. Only a few short months ago I was preparing myself for a career and life that wasn’t going to make me happy. I was going to force my square self into a round hole. Now I’m on a VERY different path. I’m exploring my motivational side, event planning, and volunteering as a literacy tutor (I have always wanted to do this) . I will start a self-esteem and confidence-building website for youth, keep my school club and the Facebook page alive, and create a Facebook page geared towards employment/job searching/networking for college students. I will also start a support group for birth parents. The thought of doing any of this doesn’t seem like work, I’m Very excited and happy about my future. I’ve never felt this way before.


Life is a journey, not a destination. When you decide to go after an ambition or goal you don’t have to wait for it to be realized to become happy, happiness is Part of the journey! Isn’t that great?? Now that I have finally seen the path for my life I have so much energy, excitement and passion! I am actively participating in the direction of my life and I feel great! Up until this point I was just a leaf floating in the wind, completely at its mercy, going wherever it blew me. Now I’m like a bird, steering and directing myself.

One thing I did right all these years was to not worry too much about the money aspect of my life (materialism) and just work on my own skills and abilities instead. I’ve always been proud of what I now call my success; who I truly am. If you were suddenly beamed elsewhere in the world how hard would it be to get to the point where you are now, with career, home, etc? To me That is success. That is what I have put all of my effort into building. I could lose every single physical thing I own and not have it change who or what I am. Materialism has always been my last priority, I was more concerned with acquiring the skills that could help me get anything I need or want. I don’t ‘hope’ or ‘wish’ that life gets better for me, I Expect it. Hoping and wishing keeps it in the ‘belief’ category – pie in the sky. Leave the pie for dessert :)

Being happy is a great thing! I’m naturally a night person and even though I wouldn’t call myself a morning person I Do now wake up with a smile on my face :) I have pep in my step, I have purpose, drive and ambition! Bob Proctor said that your goals should be so big that they scare you. They do indeed! I have Such massive goals, dreams and expectations. A beautiful thing is that I won’t have to do Any of this alone! No one successfully does anything alone, it doesn’t work that way. None of us lives in a bubble. The help I’ll need along the way will be sent to me, I know this to be true. I don’t hope or wish, I know. Once we see and believe ourselves to be a ‘success’ others will see and believe also.