“Let Go and Let God”


We’re very much a controlling society. We want to make or force things to happen. We decide certain things should happen and we map out our entire lives accordingly: go to X school, start X career, buy a house, get a dog, get married and have 2.5 children, have 2 vacations a year, then retire and move to X city. Well…

“Life is what happens when you’re making plans.” Life gets treated like a To-Do list and it’s not.

Trying to force things to happen is Exactly what keeps them from happening. How many couples, after years of trying to have a child, give up and start the adoption process. Then BAM, they get pregnant.

We can put work into finding out ‘If I want X career this is what I need to do to get there’ but we don’t necessarily put work into finding out Who We Are. For most of us the life we strive for, the life we planned, Isn’t the life we were meant to live. We don’t realize that because we’re too busy forcing our square-peg life into a round hole. ‘It doesn’t fit now but if I Just Keep Pushing….’.

Stop pushing. Temporarily put aside your plans and aspirations and take stock. Do you actually Enjoy that career or is it all about money? Does your life have balance or is your life all about work or living for other people? Were those aspirations even yours to begin with?

Life is not do-or-die. You CAN make adjustments. And make them often. A dress may look nice until you put it on. You don’t buy it just because it’s a nice dress; if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t fit. If something in your life doesn’t fit get rid of it or change it. Who cares what other’s say? This is your life, not theirs. You have to live it 24/7. Why wouldn’t you want your life to be as enjoyable as possible?

We need to have goals and plans so that we have a direction but we shouldn’t be uncompromising in those goals and plans. If life shows us that something even better or different is in store than what we’d envisioned then who are we to argue? Life knows better.


It’s Not a Dream

2013-11-26 17_11_15-Dreams - Microsoft Publisher

We all have dream jobs, dream homes, dream partners, dream…….

Using the word ‘dream’ makes it sound unattainable right from the start. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and use the word GOAL instead.
Let’s keep the dreaming for sleep time. During the day we’re attaining Goals!! :-)

All of my research to date has shown me one thing; that the biggest hurdles, the biggest obstacles to reaching our goals – every single one of them – is our thinking! That tiniest bit of self-doubt or hesitancy is what’s doing us in. You must Believe!!
Look at what belief can do; entire civilizations live around religious beliefs, no matter how uncomfortable the living conditions those beliefs bring. They fast for an entire month (during the day), they wear black clothing that covers their entire bodies although they live in VERY hot climates. They wait until marriage to have sex, and even decide to not marry who they love but who their family chooses for them. Billions of people do these things even though the only proof backing up their belief is a single book.


Belief is All It Takes to do WHATEVER you want to do. To have WHATEVER you want to have. If you truly believe you can have, do or be something then NOTHING can stop you. Notice the ‘truly’. Your belief must be absolute. 100%.

But don’t forget…


You still have to put work into it! Nothing is free in this universe. (Maybe another one but not this one, sorry!) But even just getting by takes energy. Going to a job you hate or working with people you don’t like, 5 days a week, that takes energy! Why not put some of that energy towards fulfilling your goals? (AKA Making Your Dreams Come True)

Guess what? People are making their dreams come true Every Single Day! That’s right, every single freaking day :-D What’s the difference between you and them? Nothing! Except some energy expenditure in the right direction. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, you can take it slow  as long as you’re continually working towards your goals/dreams. If it’s education you want you can attend night school or go the online route. Don’t have the $ one semester? That’s fine, skip it, as long as you do What you can When you can. Want to run your own business? You can do as many do, do it part time while still at your day job. Many use funds from their current job to help start their own business. Remaining at your job also gives you security while you’re waiting for your own business to start picking up. Find people who are already doing what you want to do and get advice from them. If you get along they may even become your mentor. Most people will be more than happy to answer your questions and to share their insight.


Success isn’t going to come to you, you have to go to it! (If you’re not a success already then there’s your proof!) It’s like the girl across the room at the school dance just Waiting for you to go over and ask her to dance. You could either assume incorrectly she wouldn’t want to dance with you or you can go over there and ask her! Success wants you to ask it to dance :-D

P.S. NEVER assume. That’s my mantra and it has always worked for me. The few times I have assumed I’ve been wrong. It’s like not trusting your intuition/gut feeling. You realize afterwards (every time) that you should have listened to it.

Here and Now


I found this picture while looking for something to give you, my readers, clarity in life. This picture is supposed to show the milky way, well it definitely shows a lot of stars.
When life is too hectic, or when you’ve been hurt, or when you feel like screaming “Screw it, I’m done!” take a minute, look around you and just breathe.
Personally I need a certain amount of ‘me’ time or else my life feels off kilter. I’m actually going through that right now. My me time includes walks in the wee, quiet hours and having the city all to myself. I look up at the sky and just bask in how insignificant my petty problems are. I remove myself from all my worries and just enjoy how beautiful things are ‘right now’. It’s quite refreshing.

We all have this ability, just wear blinders for at least 1 hour a day and completely enjoy the here and now of whatever you choose to do for that hour. The ‘here and now’ philosophy is invigorating. We’re so used to holding on to our worry, as if worry will change anything, and think of ‘relaxing’ as something that only happens on holidays or on getaways. We all have this ability every hour of every single day. We can be as relaxed and carefree as we want/need to be whenever we want/need to be. It does not mean not being responsible, it means taking our mental and physical health into consideration. Worry causes very real health problems.
When you do this and mentally regroup it can help put you back on track, help you see your path forward more clearly. Meditation is all about this.

If you try this and find it really works for you (if it doesn’t then you’re doing something wrong) then you should look into Yoga. It has amazing results as an exercise and also has a meditative component to it; it’s very good at centering people. I can’t seem to link a video here so it’s listed at the end of the links. It’s about how Yoga had miraculous results on a disabled US paratrooper. It rendered me absolutely speechless. If you haven’t seen it it’s definitely worth a look.

Living in the here and now helps you let go of the past and not worry about the future and just enjoy the NOW. We don’t live in the past (it no longer exists) and we don’t live in the future (it never actually arrives) so why not actually live in the only option left?  Notice how many people don’t really live, they’re just gradually preparing for their death. Do you want to LIVE while you have the chance or do you want to exist with one foot in the grave? A stark visual, I know. Keep that in mind when someone comes up with a lame excuse for not enjoying some activity or event.

Life is made up of little moments; if you can’t enjoy the simplicity and joy at any given moment then life is truly passing you by. And that is just sad :( Just think of ‘the good old days’ – whenever that was for you. Now truly remember what it was like to live back then. It wasn’t actually as great as we remember, was it? It’s just that we’re looking back on those memories with rose-coloured glasses; only seeing the positive. Learn the art of seeing Life, at any given moment, with rose-coloured glasses. Once you develop that ability happiness will truly be at your finger tips!

When you stop worrying you actually start to notice everything around you. You will become happier and more appreciative. And guess what? Your life will get better! There is always Something to be thankful for. Want proof? Think of the ‘lucky’ people you know. Notice how happy they are? It’s not random luck, their happiness is Attracting ‘luck’ to them.

Letting go of worry will make you happier, healthier and keep you more centered. Your life will improve overall. And your goals will get bigger and bolder.

The secret to goals is to make them with only the end in mind. Don’t worry about how you’ll fulfill those goals, your mind will figure that out. Remember we only use about 10% of our brain. We underestimate it. Give your mind a problem and it will work on it in the background (the subconscious mind). This now ventures into the realm of Law of Attraction. More to come soon.

“Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.”

I’m closing with this Spectacular photo taken of the night sky over Flagstaff, Arizona. Every Single One of those lights is a star. We have an entire solar system orbiting our star. Think about just how VAST the universe it. Take wonder in that. Look up at the night sky and bask in the awe of it. We’re part of something very wonderful and amazing. There is always Something to be grateful for :) Beauty abounds!