Accept my Dare to add to your personal growth. It’s a 3 step process…

Choose your Dare

– Talk to someone you’d normally never talk to. Try to do this at least once a day.

– Make a bucket list, number the items, then get someone to randomly pick a number. Make fulfilling that action your priority in life. When you’ve completed the mission, repeat.

– Live for one week as your hero. Do everything like they would do it. Think like them, demand action and respect like them, have their confidence. If, after that week, you like the changes in your life and in yourself then continue for another week. And another.

– Take your biggest fear, brainstorm with friends the funniest/easiest way to work on that fear, get their promise to help & support you, then do it.

– If you’re shy go somewhere that is either busy or where you’re not likely to know anyone (so you’re not mortified) and do something absolutely goofy, that lasts at least a couple of minutes, perhaps like this:

Or participate in something like ‘No Pants Day’ on public transit.

– Every day decide to do 1 thing that scares you. Speaking up, striking up a conversation with a stranger, standing up for yourself, saying no, saying yes, challenging an authority figure who’s wrong – as long as it won’t get you arrested or fired. (Though maybe fired isn’t bad if you don’t like the job)

– Plan out your dream life and the required steps to get you to there from here and an approximate timeline. Then tell someone and make them hold you accountable for each step of the way and to keep you on track. Any deviation from the plan or delay in timeline should be presented as an argument to the person holding you accountable; you need to show how you’ve thought through your actions and reasoning.

– Remove people from your life that are holding you back from greatness.

Tell people. Tell a lot of people. The best way to get results is to be accountable. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, etc. Make it your status on social media.

Comment about the Dare you picked or a Dare of your own choosing, and tell us all about it when you’re done.

Dare others. Make this like the ice bucket challenge. Once you’ve accepted a Dare challenge other people to accept and complete a Dare of their own.






You ARE enough!

Watch the video before reading further.

That man, to this day, has been unidentified. He was likely killed. He was also an everyday man. There was likely nothing special about him, until he stepped in front of that long line of tanks (it was Quite long!). I meant to write this post last month but I’ve noticed something in the meantime, that I hadn’t noticed 1 1/2 months ago….

It seems to be much easier for us to idolize people we don’t know, to put strangers up on a pedestal. We don’t seem to think too highly of people we’re familiar with – an extension of our view of ourselves  – compared to the accolades we’ll give to those unknown to us. Please ponder this before you trash my theory. As I said I only made this realization recently. I became a certified life coach yet have had no one come forward and let me coach them, despite the good advice I give out when asked – though never followed. Only ONE person who knows me has read this blog. Only one. Because they know me they must figure ‘What could she possibly know? How smart could she possibly be?’. It seems no one is impressed with engineering these days ;-) I get underestimated ALL THE TIME. Perhaps you do too?

Perhaps you underestimate yourself? I can guarantee that’s a given.


Everyone knows this man; the 14th Dalai Lama. But until he was discovered at 2 years old he was just little Lhamo Thondup. A simple test determined his fate; to remain Lhamo Thondup or become the next Dalai Lama. If he hadn’t picked the correct toys we would be bowing to another as the Dalai Lama. Does he feel he’s special? No, he describes himself as no different from you or I.


The face of an angel masquerading as a social worker during WWII in Warsaw, Poland. She saved the lives of over 2500 Jewish children, smuggling them out of the Nazi controlled territory. She did what she felt she had to; she wasn’t looking to be labelled a hero. In fact I believe we only know about her and her heroic acts because of a student’s school report. She’s just one person who realized what power she had at a time when power meant the difference between life and death.

Luckily we don’t live in those harsh conditions, at least not here in North America, but we all have the capabilities and power to still be heroes in our own rights. The history books are full of people who have done Wondrous things. The history books are also NOT full of many wondrous people and their deeds; the work of many courageous individuals go unreported and unknown.

We are ALL capable of so much more than we realize. We can do SO much more than we realize.

If Irena hadn’t been a social worker in Warsaw during WWII would she have been less of a hero? No. She was the person she was. Period. Whether she made it into the history books or not she would have still been great. Tank Man wasn’t planning on pulling his death defying stunt; he was carrying shopping bags for heavens sake!
Why do we expect so little of ourselves, see so little greatness there, yet put others up on a pedestal? Only once they’ve proven their right to be there, of course.

We are ALL enough. We are ALL freaking awesome. We are ALL heroes. We need to stop short-changing ourselves! :-D


And Mother Teresa? She was just a nun. Who cared. A lot! :-D



Hero: “A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.”  “A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” Excerpts from dictionary.com

We seem to be living in a fairytale world, where magazine covers are adorned by beautiful but unreal people (thank you oh so much photoshop), where much discussion is of celebrities – held between people or on television – and where a large segment of society judges themselves and others against the impossible bar of celebrityhood. The dictionary.com definition of hero is where this definition should stay; in fairytale land.

I want to ask you to reconsider your own definition of hero. The title shouldn’t be so revered, so withheld except for the bravest of brave acts or the generosity of the most generous. We live and work with heroes every single day. We see heroic acts all the time. Someone who volunteers is a hero. Someone who helps someone is a hero.

There is a boy who lives in the vicinity of Huntsville, Ontario (his name escapes me) who was bullied who, after Years of bullying, finally spoke out. He is creating real change in his school by his actions. In his speech he tells of one girl being bullied in his presence and he told the boys to leave her alone. I believe they said some nasty words to the boy before leaving, but because of his intervention I can assure you he was a hero to that little girl. I wrote this boy to tell him that, so hopefully he realizes how great his actions are and the power he, himself, has in this world. And hopefully receiving such kind words from a stranger will stay in his memory and cause him to never stop standing up for himself or doubt his self-worth. That young man will do much good his life and be a hero to many people.

See? He didn’t have to land a plane on the Hudson River instead of crashing to be a hero. It is very simple and very attainable. You just have to be the best, kindest person you can be and you’ll be a hero to many. Someone needs a door held open? Hero. A homeless person needs money to eat? Hero. An elderly or blind person needs help crossing a busy street? Hero. A child dropped their toy and someone picked it up because the parent didn’t notice? Hero.

We should start celebrating life more, enjoying every single moment of every single day. Realize how connected we are. Do every single thing you can to put a smile on your own face, and that of others. If we all lived by that last line wouldn’t life become utopia? You may not be able to make the world a utopia but you Can start making your own world a utopia. It IS your world after all. Think of the small actions by both the people you do know, and don’t know, that really made your day at some point in your life. The small things, like someone holding open the door when you have both arms full, are as important as safely landing a plane. You shouldn’t read ‘Hero’ as the result of a life versus death action, but instead as someone doing the best for you that they can, in that moment.