Inspiration, Motivation and Laughter

Because I love you guys here’s a 2nd post for today. These 2 videos I found very inspiring; talks given by 2 very well-known men. Please share the links with anyone you know who could benefit from hearing these words.

No matter who we are we all have tough times and find ourselves in need of encouragement from time to time. We all just want to be loved.



Be The Change You Want To See In The World



You can see the video linked in this post



It’s a commercial but a Damn good one!


Your origin has nothing to do with your journey, destination or who you are:



Sometimes a little help goes a long way…


Whenever you have the opportunity to uplift young people DO IT :-D


And of course be an inspiration to others!


People will come into your life who will help you out in your time of need but Your drive to succeed will be what really gets you through!