I’ve noticed people feel a connection to the people they’re related to, yet they don’t seem to feel the same way towards all the other people around them.  And if you live in a city you’re always surrounded by people you’re not related to, people who you feel no connection to.


Back far enough in time we all shared the same DNA but we have this ‘that was then, this is now’ attitude about it.
My uncle, while questing out the Lefler family tree, found a connection to Charles Lindbergh. I find that very cool; aerospace and space exploration are my biggest passions (why I took mechanical engineering and I’m definitely game for the one-way trip to Mars). But being a spiritual person I believe we are souls in bodies, and are connected to absolutely everything in existence.

We sit on public transit, wedged in with many other people, but don’t say a peep to anyone. Why? Because they’re ‘strangers’.
A stranger is a friend you haven’t made yet. We share So Much in common with these so-called strangers. We all want to be happy, strive to improve our lives, have worries, fears, laugh, cry, love and suffer loss.


So back to this perceived separateness. Get your hands on the documentary ‘I AM’ and about halfway through there’s this fascinating scene with HeartMath and yogurt. I swear to God, yogurt. You will be blown away.

We Are Not Separate. That is an illusion.

Now for some more hidden connectedness. Ever had Reiki?


What about when you can feel when someone is looking at you? (I actually don’t experience this but I have been caught by others) Or you can just tell when someone is in a good or bad mood? When just being around a certain person always makes you feel comfortable, or uncomfortable? When you think of someone and they then reach out to you, or vice versa?

These are examples of the ‘us’ that is more than just flesh and blood. We are able to detect so much more than what we can hear and see (as those senses are pretty limited).
I think most, if not all of us, have experienced something “paranormal”. Yet we are afraid to say anything, to admit to it, because it’s taboo. Just how ridiculous is that?? We all have this ‘secret’, yet most of us are afraid of what someone else will say or think if we talk about it. Yet they themselves likely would have also experienced something, at some point.

This dirty word “paranormal” is really just our ability to tap into things we’re already connected to, whether in our own world/plane/dimension or another.

You have no connection to the people around you? Oh, you have connection to So Much More than just the 8 billion people who live in this world with you. So Much More…


The Case for MARS

2014-01-24 15_04_25-Mars One (MarsOneProject) on Twitter

You may have heard of the Mars One project. It’s a privately funded venture that aims to put permanent settlers on Mars starting around 2025. This venture is the result of NASA’s unwillingness to commit to human Mars exploration. Last year the first group of applicants were accepted; 200,000 will be narrowed down to 4 sometime this year or next. Application may be opened once a year but landing parties will only be sent every 2 years, commencing in 2024-2025.

Here is the site if you’re interested in learning more about the program

I frequently hear a common fear, that we’ll just pollute Mars like we’ve polluted Earth. Life on Mars will be very extreme for a very long time. We won’t even have the Chance to pollute it, we’ll be too busy just surviving. Also I feel, as a planet, that we’re more spiritually evolved than we were when we landed on the Moon [I consider the point moot, if we did or if we didn’t; we have had the technology to do so for a long time.] Our actions from here on out will be much different than if we’d gone to Mars in the ‘60’s. As a whole humans just think differently now.

I truly feel that humans on Mars will actually benefit Earth; life on Mars will require continual out-of-the-box thinking. Nonstop. NO ONE can possibly conceive of all the issues that will be encountered on the Red Planet. As Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” You have to admit we’re not really taught to think…at all! We memorize, or are taught how and what to think. Solutions for Martian problems will likely lead to solutions for Earthly problems.

If you find yourself thinking of the worst possible scenarios, all the ‘What if’s’…that’s the State of Fear the earth has been living in. And it needs to stop. Now. The majority of what anyone ever worries about doesn’t ever happen! What if’s have stopped all kinds of amazing progress.

For the technological world that we Should be living in compared to how we Are living…it’s like we’re still in the stone age. That’s not acceptable. All technological breakthroughs seem to get nabbed up by the military; for war, for death, for secrecy, for money, for power. ENOUGH!!

We are not war mongerers. We are not killers. We are intelligent creatures. We are curious. We are pioneers. We are kind. We are loving. We are caring. We are creators of life. We are explorers!

2014-01-24 15_04_04-Mars One (MarsOneProject) on Twitter

Exploring and settling on Mars will make us appreciate Earth that much more. We will see the hardships endured by those living on Mars and appreciate every beautiful moment of every day. Our attitude of taking life for granted will cease as we watch – live – the sacrifice those brave souls are making for the future of humankind.

I narrowly missed the deadline for the application last year, I won’t miss the next one. I would be VERY honoured to be chosen to represent Earth in this monumentous endeavor and am fully aware of all that that choice entails. It will NOT be easy, but it will be worth it!

I feel it will save Earth; not by providing humanity with another home but by changing how we think and live on this beautiful pale blue dot.