Success, Here I Come!!

(Success is not tied to business or money, success is whatever you want it to be.)

Want to be a successful business person or entrepreneur? Then this is your casual dress:


not this:


And this would be how you dress for work:


And likewise for men.

If you want your days filled with appointments, with clients and meetings, then buy a nice daytimer. Make this your new reality! Buy the daytimer KNOWING you will be using it!


Don’t wish and hope you’ll live the destiny you want, KNOW you will! And act the part :-D

Your car might be one like this:


Is there a nice car in your neighbourhood? Every time you’re walking past it pretend that you forgot something so that you can’t get in the car just yet. But you will when you get back. Or that you decided to walk because it’s so nice out or for the exercise. Feel like the car is truly yours. Feel like you DESERVE a car like that! Feel like you deserve THAT car! Truly feel it.
When you walk by a fine restaurant you’re just heading to another upscale restaurant instead. This is your new reality. Believe it. Live it.

Feeling self-worth will bring you So much closer to owning whatever car you want, or anything else for that matter.

Don’t hope, wish or dream. Know and expect. Know that you’re good enough for Anything. You deserve to have Anything you want. And lastly, EXPECT everything you’ve ever wanted to come to you. You’re freaking awesome, why the hell shouldn’t you get everything you want?

A great way to get and stay motivated is a vision board.


vision-board 4


It is a board that is visual so keep the words to a minimum. You want to visualize ‘your’ car,  house, spouse, vacation, etc on a daily basis. Don’t crowd it with pictures either, you need to be able to clearly see what you want so that you can visualize it.
In the first one the man put his face on the cover of a magazine, that is a Great idea! (As for the last one I’m more motivated by pictures of out of shape people than people in great shape. Buff bodies make me feel guilty and bad about myself. Out of shape is unappealing to me so it gives me more of a push to work out and eat right.)

Motivation and inspiration aren’t onetime deals; you read a book and you’re motivated and inspired for life. No sir. It’s a regular, daily part of life. Likewise, vision boards shouldn’t be your only visualization and self-motivation. You could put stickies up in your room/apartment/house, even if just on the bathroom mirror.  Use good visuals or sayings for your computer/phone/tablet screensaver or wallpaper as well.

That thing that you really want, close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to have it. Smell the new car smell, feel the steering wheel in your hands, the force of gravity as you step on the gas pedal and are pushed back into your seat. Visualize the layout of your new home, what each room looks like, how you’ve decorated them, the view out of the window from your favourite spot, what the backyard looks like. Feel what it’s like to have the partner of your dreams cooking dinner with you, walking beside you when you go for a walk, having deep, soulful conversations late into the night . Truly imagine how good it feels to have or own the things you really want. FEEL those things as if they’re already a part of your life. Hold onto those feelings and relive them Every Single Day!

That, my friends, is how you manifest things into your life.



The Secret to Looking Younger and Losing Weight


I bet that got your attention! What if I told you there was no secret?

How you think of yourself Directly affects your physiology. You can give yourself blisters, heat rashes, physical ailments and even cancer (all proven). Yes, cancer!

Likewise our THINKING can also UNDO all of these.

Harvard psychologist Ellen Lange did an experiment involving several hotel maids She found that just by telling some of the women that their work should make them lose weight…it did! Nothing else was changed in their lifestyle except for her message. (I was actually a motel maid for 1 day. I quit because it IS hard work, for very low pay.) Those women changed their thinking and their mind did the rest!

When it comes to your looks, do you compare yourself to magazine covers? Any media-released images? If so, then STOP!! NONE of those images are real, they are ALL Photoshopped. If the most ‘beautiful’ (a subjective term) women in the world aren’t good enough then what are you trying to measure up to? You’re trying to measure up to unreality, literally.

Here’s the secret to looking younger and losing weight. Are you ready for it?…

– Eat properly, exercise and get fresh air
– Laugh
– Enjoy life
– Do things you enjoy
– Stop worrying! You’re either creating problems that aren’t there or worrying about something you Can’t Do Anything About! Accept the situation and then move on. Just do the best you can :)
– Don’t spend too much time in the sun but Do get enough sunlight (the best source of Vit D – and proper nutrition will deal with sun damage to skin as long as you’re not a sun worshiper)
– Get enough sleep
– Be kind to everyone
– Let go of guilt
– Don’t hold grudges
– Don’t assume! (My personal motto)
– Be loving, caring and considerate towards yourself
– Do Not Act Your Age
– See the pattern? Add your own points here…

That last one is KEY. I look 10 years younger than I am (damn you grey hair, you’re just going to confuse people). My 40th birthday is right around the corner and no one believes it. It’s because I don’t FEEL like I’m almost 40. I go for long walks, have downtime to recharge my batteries, keep my sense of humour (I’m Always laughing at myself whether I’m alone or not), and keep my energy level up. How do I keep my energy level up? By Believing that my energy level is up :) And I always take the stairs, never the escalator.

Big for me is also releasing my inner child. When I stopped feeling like I had to always act ‘grown-up’ and just let myself be silly sometimes life got a Whole Lot Better!


Another point is to keep good, loving, supportive people around you. Your environment should be loving, not toxic.
If you don’t like your job, change it. If you don’t like a friend, stop spending time with them. If you are with the wrong person, then end the relationship. Anything that doesn’t make you happy (the majority of the time; sometimes life just happens) is toxic to your life and needs to be changed. Removing someone from your life doesn’t have to be negative or dramatic. Just tell them you care about them but need to move on with your life, or some version of that.
If I don’t feel it would help someone to grow then I don’t tell them what I didn’t like about them, I just say a few kind words then go on my way. Even if your points are valid, if the other person isn’t ready to make changes to themself or even listen, then that honesty will just make both of you hurt/angry/mad and create negative drama and an ugly parting. Please don’t do that to yourself or others.


It won’t affect you if you don’t let it. You are only as old as you feel. I promise you that.
My grandparents were very mobile right up until the end, they were in their 80’s. I’ve know people 2-3 decades younger than my grandparents who practically have 1 foot in the grave. I think we all do. It’s a combination of lifestyle choice and self-image. You can’t eat fast food, not exercise and expect to have optimal health. Remember, those are the very same organs you were Born with, they need maintenance and tune-ups, just like your car. Also Stop Saying you’re old! You’re not old. What’s old? 400 year old trees, that’s what’s old. The pyramids are old. Have a healthy perspective. Stop saying you’re old (negative self-talk) and I guarantee you will stop Feeling old. Remove age from your self-talk. You’re you, plain and simple. And you’re Fabulous!

When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, remember that’s just your vessel.
You are a Soul with a Body – not the other way around.
Inside you are a Beautiful Bright Light. You shine so bright your human eyes wouldn’t be able to handle it. Your vessel may not always please you but That Is Not You.
You Are Perfect!

So take your vessel out for walks, fresh air and exercise, give it lots of water and proper nutrition and it will look and feel better. And be kind to it :) Think happy thoughts, do good deeds, and be loving and supportive of yourself. Positive results guaranteed!!


Author’s note: Someone recently commented on nudity. The first image the unique spelling of beautiful really intrigued me. I liked it and felt her bare back was harmless, nothing else is shown. This last image was created by a very large corporation that deals with weight loss. They would have figured out a long time ago that body image and loving ourselves lead to weight issues, as stated in that graphic. Since this large profitable corporation created and released the image above I felt it was fine for this post and summed up the point nicely.



Hero: “A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.”  “A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” Excerpts from

We seem to be living in a fairytale world, where magazine covers are adorned by beautiful but unreal people (thank you oh so much photoshop), where much discussion is of celebrities – held between people or on television – and where a large segment of society judges themselves and others against the impossible bar of celebrityhood. The definition of hero is where this definition should stay; in fairytale land.

I want to ask you to reconsider your own definition of hero. The title shouldn’t be so revered, so withheld except for the bravest of brave acts or the generosity of the most generous. We live and work with heroes every single day. We see heroic acts all the time. Someone who volunteers is a hero. Someone who helps someone is a hero.

There is a boy who lives in the vicinity of Huntsville, Ontario (his name escapes me) who was bullied who, after Years of bullying, finally spoke out. He is creating real change in his school by his actions. In his speech he tells of one girl being bullied in his presence and he told the boys to leave her alone. I believe they said some nasty words to the boy before leaving, but because of his intervention I can assure you he was a hero to that little girl. I wrote this boy to tell him that, so hopefully he realizes how great his actions are and the power he, himself, has in this world. And hopefully receiving such kind words from a stranger will stay in his memory and cause him to never stop standing up for himself or doubt his self-worth. That young man will do much good his life and be a hero to many people.

See? He didn’t have to land a plane on the Hudson River instead of crashing to be a hero. It is very simple and very attainable. You just have to be the best, kindest person you can be and you’ll be a hero to many. Someone needs a door held open? Hero. A homeless person needs money to eat? Hero. An elderly or blind person needs help crossing a busy street? Hero. A child dropped their toy and someone picked it up because the parent didn’t notice? Hero.

We should start celebrating life more, enjoying every single moment of every single day. Realize how connected we are. Do every single thing you can to put a smile on your own face, and that of others. If we all lived by that last line wouldn’t life become utopia? You may not be able to make the world a utopia but you Can start making your own world a utopia. It IS your world after all. Think of the small actions by both the people you do know, and don’t know, that really made your day at some point in your life. The small things, like someone holding open the door when you have both arms full, are as important as safely landing a plane. You shouldn’t read ‘Hero’ as the result of a life versus death action, but instead as someone doing the best for you that they can, in that moment.