What is Spirituality?


This topic freaks people out. When you bring it up they think you’re a born again Christian or are trying to sell them religion.
Do you think you’re spiritual? Well you are. Your spirituality is Whatever you believe. It is yours and yours alone. Whether you believe in God/Source/Higher Consciousness or not is your belief; your spirituality. Religion can be strict, full of rules and is typically written down. It’s like goal posts on a playing field. You aim for going just between those goal posts and no where else. Don’t look up in the stands, don’t be curious. Just aim for those goal posts.

I was never one to follow the rules. I also had issues with what I heard in Church. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe, far from it, but I needed room to go outside of the goal posts. Way outside.
When you’re thinking of All that is possible, of every conceivable ‘reality’, look at pictures like this – or at least keep them in mind.
Click on each one, enlarge it. Really look at it. Every single pin-point of light is a star. With planets. Every single one.
Are we the only life forms that could possibly exist in the universe? Hmmm.





Think of every single ‘coincidence’ you’ve experienced. Ever. I don’t believe in coincidence myself.

We only use 10-15% of our brain. Everyone accepts this. Yet many people still believe it’s just coincidence that…when they reach out to a friend that friend says “Hey, I was just thinking about you!”, when they turn on the radio and the song in their head is the one playing on the radio, when they get a feeling to take a different route or get off the highway then find out that change saved them from a bad or lethal accident. Babies who have no attention span can be enraptured by a blank space on the wall. Animals too. Any chance the other 85-90% is at play here? Hmmm.

Things that make you go hmmm.

To me religion paints the world in black in white. I believe the reality is an amazing palette of colours. I think our minds can’t even comprehend most of what is ‘real’. Watch this 4D Tesseract. As your brain tries to figure out what it’s seeing the darn thing moves and your brain gets confused again.

I linked a video about the double slit experiment in a previous post. It, and many other great ideas, get mentioned in this awesome video by Joe Rogan:

Spirituality is questioning, questioning, questioning. And throwing out the rule book. And realizing that we likely can’t conceive of most of what even…IS…until we Completely open our minds. Stop judging ideas, who’s to say the weirdest ideas anyone has about existence aren’t Bang On? Even if they contradict?

Oh, and don’t be judging reality by what your eyes see. Or your 5 senses really: we can’t see UV light or hear dog whistles. And these pictures are Not moving ;-)





Things that make you go hmmm. :-D

Seeing is Believing… But It Shouldn’t Be


I was on the subway one day, reading one of my ‘new age’ books and after a bit this young guy left his seat and sat beside me. He mentioned he’d started reading ‘Flow’ and asked what my book was about, assuming it was of a similar topic. I was in fact reading an Esther Hicks book and when I started explaining it to him he quickly excused himself and moved away from me as if I were discussing Witchcraft.

I feel humans have a very skewed view on many things; why This is believable but why That isn’t. An individual’s life view seems to be highly motivated by their upbringing or culture. To truly Think for ourselves may require something to happen (near death experience, life threatening event, loss) or we just reach the point where we finally start asking ‘Why?’ and realizing there must be more to life than what we SEE, than what we’re TAUGHT.

I don’t argue with people or try to change their minds – change of view/perception needs to be a personal decision for it to stick – but I might just give some food for thought. My mind was closed for a Very long time (’til my mid-30’s) but the things that were said to me before this Did stay in the recesses of my mind, to be drawn upon later when I Did have an open mind.

People will believe in ultraviolet rays and electricity (which their eyes can’t see) but won’t believe in anything spiritual, or have selective beliefs. Spiritual/religious beliefs for many aren’t even their own choice, but rather a belief that was handed down to them.  Science proves that UV rays and electricity exist. Well science ALSO proves that the body loses weight the instant we die, which many equate to the soul leaving the body. Quantum Physics states that there are about 10 dimensions. It’s commonly accepted knowledge that we only use 10-20% of our brain. Then what the heck can that other 80-90% do?! Why believe Some of what science says/proves but not the rest? That’s not logical, that’s belief.


The double slit experiment http://doubleslitexperiment.com/ proved that matter behaves differently When It Is Being Observed than when not (as well as a host of other experiments, but this particular one really shocked scientists). Quantum physics has proven that particles pop into and out of existence. Yes, existence. Literally.

Whichever the case, the world we Actually live in is FAR more vast, different, and just more freaking awesome than we realize. Science has already proven that what we see is NOT always what we should believe. And science is Always changing! Brave new world, here we come!!


My spiritual growth journey


I have come to the realization that we are here to serve others. We are here to look after each other and put others first whenever possible (you still have to maintain a healthy balance in life and live a decent life). I genuinely care about people and that comes through whenever I deal with anyone (aside from when I’m being stupid and sweating the small stuff) and this causes people to care in return and to help me in my time of need.

You have to give to receive. I have seen and heard about this in action. The Higher Power only wants to help us. When we show we’re deserving we get that help. Being deserving means we’re learning our lessons in life. Being a Scrooge means we’re Not learning our lessons so life heaps on another helping of pain and grief to teach us. There truly is a method to the madness; we can see this if we open our eyes.

We show people how to treat us. This sums up all my bad experiences in the past. It’s very hard to admit but I have let people treat me a certain way. When I didn’t like how things were going I didn’t walk away. I would continually give that person yet another chance to change, which never happened. One ex treated his next girlfriend quite nicely, but when he had interactions with me he went back to his old ways. She showed him she’d only allow good treatment whereas I had showed him he could be a jerk with me with no repercussions. There’s a spoken word poet I like, Suli Breaks. (He did this great video ‘So you want a degree’. You should check it out, it’s really good.) I’ve linked his ‘He’s not’ video. It gets golden at around 3 minutes. Steve Harvey says basically the same thing. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJzBtL2SKZg)

Show gratitude. Here in North America we’re taught greed and want. Chasing the next new toy or keeping up with the Jones’ is a never ending vicious cycle that will never bring happiness. We have to be able to stop and realize how great of a life we have. I try to mostly ignore marketing; that new shampoo does Not do what they say it does. That new beauty cream will not necessarily even be nice to my skin. The best beauty product is Confidence! The best thing you can put on your face is a Smile :) The best way to age well does not come in a bottle but by Stop Worrying and be able to ‘stop and smell the roses’, hear the birds, etc. At any moment you should be able to stop, look around you and see beauty and wonder. To the old angry me this was like a hidden world that I Just Didn’t See. It’s so sad that so many people still wear these blinders. When you have a calmness about you your worries take care of themselves. Recently I could have ended up homeless due to a school loan issue but I just accepted the situation and thought of ways to have my stuff taken care of and knew I’d likely be able to get a shelter bed somewhere. My calmness likely directly worked for me; my landlord allowed me to pay rent late. It’s only now that I can look back on my life and see all the blessings I’ve had along the way. I experienced the unconditional love of maternal grandparents and had a mother who, for the most part, loved me. They’ve all left me years ago but to have Had that love makes me luckier than many. I’ve had no great life by any stretch of the imagination but it has definitely been colourful/interesting and it has ultimately led me to be the person I am today. The trick is to not see the bad things but rather the good. Things are done For you, not To you. I am a much stronger person today for what I’ve gone through. I am also very gentle and kind, this seems to also be a result of ‘colourful’ lives (sandpaper that polishes us).

Be grateful that you have a job that gives you money to pay the bills, be grateful for the food in your kitchen, be grateful for your 5 senses, be grateful for your health. You don’t have to think of people in 3rd world countries who don’t have these, people in your own city don’t have these. Also be grateful for your Ability to be grateful. Again, the people around you don’t all have this ability. You can create your own happiness. That is a wonderful thing :)

Smile! An inner happiness and peace will literally make you shine :) We give off vibes and a happy vibe will attract happy people and situations to you. Be kind to everyone you meet. Never carry over anger from any past hurt, if 2 people in a row hurt you that doesn’t mean the 3rd one will. Have a clean slate for every person you encounter. Allow them to write on that slate, don’t assume for them what they would write. We all have bad or off days. It could be that you’re encountering a great person on an ‘off’ day. Mean people are usually just someone who’s hurting or having a really bad time, try to not add to their woes by being mean in return, or to your own. The smallest gestures have had profound impacts; have made people change their mind against committing suicide.

I often joke about using my powers for good vs evil. (I DO have one super power; whenever in line I tend to be invisible – both to cashiers and the people behind me in line. I’ve also had bus drivers close the door on me Three times!. I just KNOW the one time I try to make this super power work for me in a bank it will fail ;) ) We actually Do have a lot of power, each and every one of us. The hardest part about life is thinking outside of the box that we’ve grown up to believe in. The box doesn’t actually exist. There’s an experiment where fruit flies are put in a small bottle with the lid on. They try for 20 minutes to get out, then realize how futile their efforts are and stop. When the lid is taken off they actually starve to death in this little bottle because they still believe that they’re trapped. It’s easier to deal with and manage billions of people if they believe their bottle has an air tight lid. Guess what? There is no lid! It’s your choice to live life knowing all the wonders of existence are available to you or to live in a little bottle. Truly your choice. Seeing is not believing. Case in point: Is electricity real? Yes. Can you see it? No. Game – set – match.