The Secret to Making Money

Watch this on the biggest screen you have, in full screen mode. Trust me on this.

This company didn’t make the camera. They took an existing product, the camera, and made it portable, so that people could wear it. They made the camera able to capture action live, in the action. That’s all they did. They didn’t create a new product or even improve on it, they just found another function for it. And I bet they’re making a boat load of money in the process ;-)

When you really want or need money do you notice that ideas come to you? Money making ideas? Ideas for products or services? That is how the Universe ‘sends you money’. There is no such thing as a money tree and money will not fall from the sky. Sorry. Instead, you are given great ideas that You can turn into cold hard cash. But only if you actually do something with those ideas. You have to actually work with them.

Ever notice when you get those great ideas, but then talk yourself out of following up, that you hear about someone else doing something similar? Or even see the product or service being sold on TV or in a store? Those great ideas are not only given to you, they’re given to a lot of people. Most people immediately talk themselves out of taking action because ‘Oh, it will never work.’ Only a few start to follow up. Only ONE takes it all the way to completion. And that ONE is laughing all the way to the bank. Do you want to be that ONE or do you want to keep wanting and needing money?


When you start to follow up on the most viable ideas IGNORE anyone who talks you down. It doesn’t matter who that person is, even if it’s a parent, best friend or significant other. This is your life, your success, your bank account. Successful people have scores of stories about all the people who naysayed them all along the way. The person who invented the potato chip was told it would never sell. Never sell. Hmmm.

Personally, I treat any comment that’s not completely supportive (which is most of them) as a challenge. In my mind I’m saying ‘Oh yeah? Just watch me!’

People who can help you see your idea through will start to come into your life. Resources will become available. Believe in the finished product, no matter what, and it Will come to be! “Make it and they will come.”

The doubters and unbelievers: The ignorant are the first to voice their opinion. They also voice it the loudest. Those who doubt your idea most likely want you to keep them company where they are, not rise to greatness and leave them (misery loves company). This makes a lot of people uncomfortable. When people put down your ideas there’s more at play than the words coming out of their mouths.



The answer to this?


Keep at it. “Keep on keeping on.” :-D
If you don’t give up both success and money will come!


It’s Not a Dream

2013-11-26 17_11_15-Dreams - Microsoft Publisher

We all have dream jobs, dream homes, dream partners, dream…….

Using the word ‘dream’ makes it sound unattainable right from the start. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and use the word GOAL instead.
Let’s keep the dreaming for sleep time. During the day we’re attaining Goals!! :-)

All of my research to date has shown me one thing; that the biggest hurdles, the biggest obstacles to reaching our goals – every single one of them – is our thinking! That tiniest bit of self-doubt or hesitancy is what’s doing us in. You must Believe!!
Look at what belief can do; entire civilizations live around religious beliefs, no matter how uncomfortable the living conditions those beliefs bring. They fast for an entire month (during the day), they wear black clothing that covers their entire bodies although they live in VERY hot climates. They wait until marriage to have sex, and even decide to not marry who they love but who their family chooses for them. Billions of people do these things even though the only proof backing up their belief is a single book.


Belief is All It Takes to do WHATEVER you want to do. To have WHATEVER you want to have. If you truly believe you can have, do or be something then NOTHING can stop you. Notice the ‘truly’. Your belief must be absolute. 100%.

But don’t forget…


You still have to put work into it! Nothing is free in this universe. (Maybe another one but not this one, sorry!) But even just getting by takes energy. Going to a job you hate or working with people you don’t like, 5 days a week, that takes energy! Why not put some of that energy towards fulfilling your goals? (AKA Making Your Dreams Come True)

Guess what? People are making their dreams come true Every Single Day! That’s right, every single freaking day :-D What’s the difference between you and them? Nothing! Except some energy expenditure in the right direction. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, you can take it slow  as long as you’re continually working towards your goals/dreams. If it’s education you want you can attend night school or go the online route. Don’t have the $ one semester? That’s fine, skip it, as long as you do What you can When you can. Want to run your own business? You can do as many do, do it part time while still at your day job. Many use funds from their current job to help start their own business. Remaining at your job also gives you security while you’re waiting for your own business to start picking up. Find people who are already doing what you want to do and get advice from them. If you get along they may even become your mentor. Most people will be more than happy to answer your questions and to share their insight.


Success isn’t going to come to you, you have to go to it! (If you’re not a success already then there’s your proof!) It’s like the girl across the room at the school dance just Waiting for you to go over and ask her to dance. You could either assume incorrectly she wouldn’t want to dance with you or you can go over there and ask her! Success wants you to ask it to dance :-D

P.S. NEVER assume. That’s my mantra and it has always worked for me. The few times I have assumed I’ve been wrong. It’s like not trusting your intuition/gut feeling. You realize afterwards (every time) that you should have listened to it.